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ProductOnline Dafunc Education – English

Are you looking for some real stuff, a program that is diversified and wants to train real people? Then read on this is exactly what we are offering with Dafunc one of our Life Junkie Fitness Programs!

That’s what you get:

  • 11 lessons full of videos, downloads, manuals and explanations, of course well structured
  • After each lesson you answer a quiz. It’s kind of  a check, if you understood the main points of the lesson. Once successfully completed the quiz you jump to the next lesson. You need to mark the lesson complete so you can continue.
  • You can repeat all completed lessons as often as you like, so no stress.
  • The downloads are great learning support tools and are complementary to the manual.

You have 3 months in order to complete the course at your own convenience and rhythm. It is all about starting this journey to become a Life Junkie Fitness Empowerer.

Once you completed all lessons online you have time to practice and to prepare your assessment video. At this stage you will see the real fun starts – you join the myTRIBE Dafunc community and will be rocking your way like a real Life Junkie.

Don’t worry throughout the online course we have our academy support team that is ready to answer your questions. So you are not alone!



Online Dafunc Education - English