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So you are very close to signing up for the Dafunc Online Education - BUT hey before you hit the BUY NOW button make sure you are ready for an amazing ride of your life. For the journey that introduces you to the real LIFE JUNKIE WORLD - a colourful - positive - empowering community for REAL people. REAL people that want to have an impact in their lives.

Your benefits that are offered through DAFUNC:

  • Shape your body inside-out
  • Empower yourself and your participants so they are strong to handle their daily life
  • Learn and practice on your own rhythm 
  • Start straight away and within 3 months you are ready to teach a brand new program
  • Be flexible - with Dafunc you can offer a 30min class that works perfectly in the morning or over lunch time for busy bees, or as an add-on in the evening


So you might ask yourself, well ok so how does it all work and what do I get? Well we hear you and this is what you get and how it works:

That's what you get:

  • 11 lessons full of videos, downloads, manuals and explanations, of course well structured
  • After each lesson you answer a quiz. It’s kind of  a check, if you understood the main points of the lesson. Once successfully completed the quiz you jump to the next lesson. You need to mark the lesson complete so you can continue.
  • You can repeat all completed lessons as often as you like, so no stress.
  • The downloads are great learning support tools and are complementary to the manual.

It works like this:

The Dafunc education is only performed through an online education. The course duration is maximum 3 months, starting with the day of purchase/registration to the course.

  • After successful completion of all modules and lessons and respective tests of the online training the participant needs to submit an entire Dafunc class taught by him/her.
  • Once the Master trainer approved the video with a „ready to teach“, the participant has the free choice, within 5 days following the result, to become a myTRIBE member and therefore officially teach Dafunc. Only myTRIBE members have the right to teach, as we would like to guarantee it is 100% Dafunc when the label says Dafunc.
  • Upon the purchase of the myTRIBE membership the participant gets immediate access to the full Dafunc membership site and its content (please refer to myTRIBE section for more details) and is an official Dafunc instructor.

For quality reasons and control only active myTRIBE members have the right to teach the official myTRIBE content. With the teaching tools, tips, updates, music suggestions and new grow and dance elements we want to guarantee high quality after the initial education. Once the 5 day deadline is passed or the participants did not achieve the “ready to teach” the Dafunc initial education needs to be repeated if the participant still wants to teach Dafunc.

The repetition of the initial education within 3 months is free of charge. Passed this deadline the full training fees are due again.

Start your journey NOW and become a Dafunc Empowerer tomorrow - we are looking forward to seeing you in our Life Junkie Tribe!

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